Axis Reloaded

Worked with Eric Wells and Mark Sherstan to design, construct, and program a robotic kinetic sculpture as a hardware demo for the University of Alberta Faculty of Engineering.

The "claw" uses a machine vision (webcam in the palm) to track deviations in the rotating plate, to trigger a re-center. The whole device is self-contained and autonomous, using a Raspberry Pi for trajectory calculation and device control. This project was additionally demoed at the January 2020 edition of Telus World of Science's Dark Matters.

Axis Reloaded - Eric Wells

ISARC Constructing Futures Hackathon

Competed and won first place in the 2019 ISARC Constructing Futures 24 Hour Hackathon. I added a cloud-based image classifier layer to a VR robotic control platform that I had previously created.

ISARC 2019 Presentation.pptx

Interview with New Trail Magazine

Spoke with New Trial Magazine about the Bento Arm, the BLINC Lab's open-source prosthetic training and testing platform. Who would win in a fight, the Bento Arm vs an Octopus Tentacle?

SMACKDOWN - New Trail Magazine Winter 2019 (p. 19)


Created and operated the Nao Robot control interface used for an AI-powered improv show in the 2018 Edmonton Fringe festival. Performed alongside Kory Mathewson + Piotr Mirowski.

Artificial intelligence put to the test during Edmonton Fringe Festival show - Global News

Frick I Love Nature

Was a production assistant and b-roll cameraman for select segments of a couple of episodes of Frick I Love Nature. This was completely unrelated to any tech stuff, but was an absolute blast.

Amazing Animals in the Rocky Mountains - Mountain Goats, Lichen and Pikas - Frick I Love Nature